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What is diversion?

Diversion is when a product is being sold in a distribution channel that is unauthorized by the manufacturer.

For example, all genuine Katoa  products are sold exclusively in Katoa Srl Licensed By Katoa Authorized Salons or on the website But you might see a few bottles in your local drugstore, online or at a discounter. Salon professional products you find outside of a salon are considered to be “diverted.”
Diverted products could be a health hazard. They are often counterfeit, diluted formulas, or old, expired formulas that may not be safe to use. Irritation or even infection can result from the use of diverted products. Hence, we cannot guarantee that it is an authentic Katoa  product that will perform as tested.

Diversion also hurts the professional industry by weakening the stylist-client relationship and the credible need for professional recommendation of the best products for the clients’ hair.

Unfortunately, often what the client actually tried was a subpar, counterfeit version of a product. Diversion also makes it difficult for stylists to identify problems with your hair because they don’t know what product you have actually been using. Stylists want you to look good and be able to recreate the “salon look” when you get home. By using bad products, you won’t be able to do that and may lose the trust of your stylist.
Katoa Srl’s mission is based on the appreciation and respect of the craft of our partners, the hairdressers. Moreover, end clients purchasing our products from non-authorized sources are not guaranteed safe, suitable product recommendations nor do they benefit from the value- added salon experience. So, to protect the integrity of our brand and the revenue of our salons, we understand how important it is to keep Katoa Srl free of diversion.

Always be sure to buy your professional hair care products from an authorized seller.